Fluval View Aquarium Review

The Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium is a small oval shaped 4 gallon aquarium that is the perfect size for really small places. This aquarium works well in infant nurseries, dorm rooms and nursing homes; people of all ages will enjoy the brilliance of the daytime lights, and the softness of the blue night light. …

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GloFish 29045 Aquarium Kit Review

The GloFish 29045 Aquarium Kit comes with a set of 15 blue LEDs. This simple 5 gallon aquarium has a crescent shaped seamless design that fits nicely on any desk or tabletop. Designed to highlight GloFish fluorescent fish, this unit does exactly what it says it will. This clear plastic aquarium has no lid (but …

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Vapotek Aquarium Fish Tank Nano Kit Review

The Vepotek Aquarium Fish Tank Nano Kit is the perfect fish tank for families with young children. The extra thick, yet lightweight, safe tempered glass is strong enough to withstand the inevitable taps from tiny fingers. Children, and adults will enjoy the 39 LEDs that come with the aquarium; there are 18 white lights, 9 …

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5 No-Nonsense Ways You Can Extend Your Fishes’ Lifespan

One unfortunate aspect of fish keeping is the possibility that your fishes will become ill at some point in time. If you are a responsible fish keeper then you probably worry about this possibility and check them for signs of disease on a regular basis. While this practice is both responsible and wise, you should …

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Why Is It Unacceptable To Put Your Goldfish In A Glass Bowl?

Are You Keeping Your Goldfish In A Glass Bowl?

If you are putting your gold fish in a bowl, get them out now or as soon as possible! It’s good news indeed that Monza, a northern Italian city, had passed a ruling to ban pet owners form keeping their gold fish in bowls. This ruling, the first in Italy, may be a tiny drop in …

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Great Ways To Manage Your Koi’s Water System

Water Management Strategy For Koi

Many koi hobbyists, beginners, breeders, and keepers face problems such as polluted water and disease within their ponds. As a fish hobbyist, I would like to shed light on bio-restoration filtration systems and media that can help combat pollution in man-made ponds. It All About Filtration It is important that the size of your filter …

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Where Is The Best Position For Your Fish Tank?

If you are about to buy a fish tank, where do you intend to place it? In the only available space you can find in the house? In the living room, next to your state-of-the-art hi-fi contraptions where members of you family usually congregate? Where you decide to put your tank will ultimately affect the well-being …

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5 Easy Methods to Keep Your Snail Population Under Control

How to Get Rid of Snails from an Aquarium?

Actually, the presence of snails in an aquarium is not necessarily a bad thing. The aquarium snail performs the role of a “clean-up crew” as they eat excess food, and decaying plants and fish matter. As they burrow through the substrate, they also help to oxygenate it. However, aquarium snails multiply like wildfire, and a …

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Why Keeping Tetra Fish in Your Aquarium is One of the Best Decisions You’ll Ever Make

Let’s talk about what attracted me to a tetra fish the size of course! Tetras can grow to as much as two inches and can live up to five to ten years. Personally, it is one of my top choices for a freshwater tank fish because most fishes grow so big that they don’t fit …

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How To Make A Really Awesome Custom Aquarium

Custom Aquariums Have Many Unique Features!

Are you looking to expand your aquarium to a larger size, as your collection of fish has grown? Perhaps you’ve had a smaller tank for years, and want to upgrade for even more fun! Or, you may be moving instead, and finally, have enough room for a truly large underwater habitat. Maybe you simply need …

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